Market entry analysis.
An enterprise’s most important decision is often what markets to enter and how to enter them. We assess the attractiveness of markets and develop go-to market strategies, including whether and how to use partners.

Technology assessment and strategy.
We help define and sort through technology strengths and weaknesses, appropriate software architecture and feasibility, and recommend choices to achieve business objectives.

Product portfolio strategy.
We help clients respond to competition and add revenue streams by suggesting new products or product lines. We help reduce resource drain by identifying candidates for end-of-life treatment, or reduced investment to the enterprise can better focus on growth areas.

Product management

Market opportunity assessment.
Through market segmentation, opportunity analysis, product requirements assessment and feature deficiency and competitive analysis, we prioritize product investment opportunities.

Product development roadmap.
By developing 3-5 year technology roadmaps, we enable companies to get the maximum from their internal and external partners.

Business justification.
We help managers get the resources they need to support their portfolio and roadmap plans, through clear, business-oriented and jargon-free communication.

Product marketing.
Building on a thorough understanding of both product capabilities and market needs, we improve targeting by developing customer “look alike” models with Chaid and other statistical techniques, increase revenue with sales funnel yield/loss analyses, and deliver clear message strategies that can be used to develop all communication assets.

Business development

Identify and cultivate potential partners.
By understanding the capabilities needed and the sources of value at both a business and technical level, we help clients identify the right potential partners and nature of the value exchange.

Develop the message strategy and communication materials.
We use the output of the partner identification to develop one-to-one materials that increase the success rate in business development, through clarity and simplification.

Manage relationships to contract execution.
With our deep industry contacts, we help clients meet and cultivate the right partners and steward those relationships.